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APPCPIR :: Andhra Pradesh Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Region

Committed Investments

(Rupees in  Millions)
Till Date 17,46,540
Anchor Projects 7,30,000
Petroleum / Petrochemical Sector 4,89,210
Chemical / Pharma Sector 1,82,500
Ancillary Sector 21,450
Utilities / Infrastructure 3,23,380

Total Projected Investment & Employment Potential in next 5-7 years

(Rupees in Millions)
Projected Investment 34,30,000
Petroleum & Petrochemical Sectors 21,60,000
Chemical, Pharma & Fertilizer Sectors 5,20,000
Ancillary Industries 2,00,000
Housing & Allied Infrastructure 3,50,000
External Infrastructure 2,00,000
Employment Potential : 1.2 Million

Financial Structure

An investment of $ 3.95 billion is being made for external infrastructure of PCPIR in Andhra Pradesh. The investments are being made by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP), the Central Government of India (GoI) and private players. Of the total investment made to set up the infrastructure for PCPIR, GoAP proposes to invest $ 450 million while GoI is assisting with an investment of $ 1.3 billion. The central government's assistance pertains mainly to up gradation of National Highways, improvement to link roads, airports, rail links etc.

Major Investors apart from Anchor Industries